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> I never really liked the terminology "Old Farts" but this makes me
> feel better about it.
> And if you aren't one, I'll bet you know one!
> I got this from an "Old Fart" friend of mine!
> I'm passing this on as I did not want to be the only 'old fart'
> receiving it. Actually, it's not a bad thing to be called, as you will
> see.
>  * Old Farts are easy to spot at sporting events; during the playing
> of the National Anthem, Old Farts remove their caps and stand at
> attention and sing without embarrassment. They know the words and
> believe in them.
> * Old Farts remember World War II, Pearl Harbour , Guadalcanal ,
> Normandy and Hitler. They remember the Atomic Age, the Korean War, The
> Cold War, the Jet Age and the Moon Landing. They remember the 50 plus
> Peacekeeping Missions from 1945 to 2005, not to mention Vietnam .
> * If you bump into an Old Fart on the sidewalk he will apologize. If
> you pass an Old Fart on the street, he will nod or tip his cap to a
> lady. Old Farts trust strangers and are polite, particularly to women.
> * Old Farts hold the door for the next person and always, when
> walking, make certain the lady is on the inside for protection.
> * Old Farts get embarrassed if someone curses in front of women and
> children and they don't like any filth or dirty language on TV or in
> movies.
> * Old Farts have moral courage and personal integrity. They seldom
> brag unless it's about their children or grandchildren.
> * It's the Old Farts who know our great country is protected, not by
> politicians, but by the young men and women in the Air Force, Army,
> Navy and RCMP, serving their country.
> This country needs Old Farts with their work ethic, sense of
> responsibility, pride in their country and decent values.
> We need them now more than ever.
> Thank Goodness for Old Farts!
> Pass this on to all the "Old Farts" you know.
> I was taught to respect my elders. It's just getting harder to find
> them.

New ones

Fwd: Fw: Fwd: 'Who's protesting 'what' ?

Funny, But Sad...

I guess when your schooling is free, you don't feel the need to learn anything.
Just because some athletes went to college doesn't mean they were educated in anything but football.
Just another example of why you can't fix stupid.  Do not miss the last one!!

NEW YORK (World News Bureau) - In a recent polling of 585 NFL players, nearly all of them were unsure of exactly what they are protesting. Here's a sampling of responses to the question:

"What are you protesting by kneeling during the National Anthem?" 

"Pretty sure it's against Nazis - especially the white ones." 

"We're protesting America becoming capitalistic instead of equal." 

"I'm protesting against Trump saying black lives don't matter." 

"We're against global warming and the police." 

"We're showing the world that we care about, ahh, things such as.... such as...ahhhhh, freedom from suppression?"

"Me and my fellow players are protesting the Constitution of Independence because of what it does to people of color." 

"We are displaying our right to stand up by kneeling for our beliefs." 

"We are protesting Trump, because he, you know, keeping the black man down and sh*t.." 

"Myself is kneeling to show that just because I'm American don't mean I got to act like one." 

All above comments are from gentlemen with at least 4 years of an American College Education.

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Subject: Amazing Football
I saw an amazing football game this year on TV:
1) The player's hair fit under their helmets.
2) No tattoos could be seen.
3) There were no outlandish end zone celebrations.
4) There was no taunting.
5) Opposition players helped each other up after a play.
6) Footballs were not spiked or left for the referee to retrieve; they were handed to the referee.
7) No one took a knee on the sidelines.
9) Players stood at attention during the playing of the national anthem.
10) It's great to watch an Army / Navy game.

Fwd: FW: Vietnam facts interesting

> Â
> A little history most people will never know.
> Interesting Veterans Statistics off the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
> Â
> There are 58,267 names now listed on that polished black wall,
> including those added in 2010.
> Â
> The names are arranged in the order in which they were taken from us
> by date and within each date the names are alphabetized. It is hard to
> believe it is 57 years since the first casualty.
> Â
> The first known casualty was Richard B. Fitzgibbon, of North Weymouth,
> Mass. Listed by the U.S. Department of Defense as having been killed
> on June 8, 1956 . His name is listed on the Wall with that of his son,
> Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Richard B. Fitzgibbon III, who was killed on
> Sept. 7, 1965.
> Â
> There are three sets of fathers and sons on the Wall.
> Â
> 39,996 on the Wall were just 22 or younger.
> Â
> 8,283 were just 19 years old.
> Â
> The largest age group, 33,103 were 18 years old.
> Â
> 12 soldiers on the Wall were 17 years old.
> Â
> 5 soldiers on the Wall were 16 years old.
> Â
> One soldier, PFC Dan Bullock was 15 years old.
> Â
> 997 soldiers were killed on their first day in Vietnam ..
> Â
> 1,448 soldiers were killed on their last day in Vietnam ..
> Â
> 31 sets of brothers are on the Wall.
> Â
> Thirty one sets of parents lost two of their sons.
> Â
> 54 soldiers attended Thomas Edison High School in Philadelphia . I
> wonder why so many from one school.
> Â
> 8 Women are on the Wall, Nursing the wounded.
> Â
> 244 soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War;
> 153
> of them are on the Wall.
> Â
> Beallsville, Ohio with a population of 475 lost 6 of her sons.
> West Virginia had the highest casualty rate per capita in the nation.
> There are 711 West Virginians on the Wall.
> The Marines of Morenci - They led some of the scrappiest high school
> football and basketball teams that the little Arizona copper town of
> Morenci (pop. 5,058) had ever known and cheered. They enjoyed roaring
> beer busts. In quieter moments, they rode horses along the Coronado
> Trail, stalked deer in the Apache National Forest . And in the
> patriotic camaraderie typical of Morenci's mining families, the nine
> graduates of Morenci High enlisted as a group in the Marine Corps.
> Their service began on Independence Day, 1966. Only 3 returned home.
> The Buddies of Midvale - LeRoy Tafoya, Jimmy Martinez, Tom Gonzales
> were all boyhood friends and lived on three consecutive streets in
> Midvale, Utah on Fifth, Sixth and Seventh avenues. They lived only a
> few yards apart. They played ball at the adjacent sandlot ball field.
> And they all went to Vietnam . In a span of 16 dark days in late 1967,
> all three would be killed. LeRoy was killed on Wednesday, Nov. 22, the
> fourth anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination. Jimmy died less
> than 24 hours later on Thanksgiving Day. Tom was shot dead assaulting
> the enemy on Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
> The most casualty deaths for a single day was on January 31, 1968 ~
> 245 deaths.
> The most casualty deaths for a single month was May 1968 - 2,415
> casualties were incurred.
> For most Americans who read this they will only see the numbers that
> the Vietnam War created. To those of us who survived the war, and to
> the families of those who did not, we see the faces, we feel the pain
> that these numbers created. We are, until we too pass away, haunted
> with these numbers, because they were our friends, fathers, husbands,
> wives, sons and daughters. There are no noble wars, just noble
> warriors.
> Â Please pass this on to those who served during this time, and those
> who DO Care . Â
> I've also sent this to those I KNOW do care very much, and I thank you
> for caring as you do.
> Â

Fwd: FW: Best Comments of 2015

Ole’ Colonel Ollie North……… What a quick, and caustic, cut to the chase wit..!!

Humorist Frank J. Fleming: "The problem for a modern day military is figuring out how to destroy an evil enemy without hurting their feelings."

 Best comment of the year so far. Heard this on Fox News this evening (Mon., 1/12) from Oliver North. Some one asked why President Obama, Vice President Biden, Eric Holder nor Secretary of State Kerry were NOT at the solidarity March in Paris on Sunday.

Colonel North said,

"That's Because; The March was for 'World Leaders' "….!!

Fw: From The Washington Post

Subject: From The Washington Post

More evidence of high intellect!

Frosty fatwa: Saudi cleric bans snowmen


Nope. (Joel Bissell/The Grand Rapids Press via AP)
Do you want to build a snowman? You'd love to? Well, that's too bad — at least according to Saudi Arabia's Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid, a prominent cleric.
With snow covering the highland areas of Tabuk province in Saudi Arabia, there's not much else to do with the fluffy white stuff other than build snowmen and snow camels.
But with photos of snowpeople and snow camels popping up everywhere, Munajjid made it clear that Islamic teachings strictly prohibit the practice.
Asked whether the unusually snowy winter in Saudi Arabia meant that parents could build snowmen with their children, Munajjid delivered the bad news.
"It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun," Munajjid wrote on his Web site, according to Reuters.
He also pointed out that making images of humans and animals — anything with a "soul" — is strictly off-limits.
"God has given people space to make whatever they want which does not have a soul, including trees, ships, fruits, buildings and so on," he added.
If you think that sounds slightly depressing, you're not alone.
“We have snow for fleeting days, maybe even hours, and there is always someone who wants to rob us of the joy and the fun,” wrote a blogger identified by Gulf News as Mishaal. “It seems that the only thing left for us is to sit down and drink coffee."
But Munajjid has his supporters.
"It [building snowmen] is imitating the infidels, it promotes lustiness and eroticism," wrote one person, according to Reuters.
In the wake of the raucous debate on social media sparked by his fatwa, Munajjid weighed in again and walked back his comments — sort of.
On Twitter, Munajjid noted that snow objects can be made, so long as they don't have human or animal features. Specifically, a model with no head and obliterated features is perfectly fine.
“The model should be like the scarecrow with no features sculpted into the face that is used by farmers to scare away birds,” he wrote, according to Gulf News. “It could also be similar to some shapes that are used to warn people about roadworks. There is no problem with the shapes that children build since children need to play and to have fun, especially in areas where snowfall is scarce."
And for those who were wondering, the prohibitions also apply to gingerbread men and other human-shaped winter treats.
“The ban, condoned by religious scholars, also covers models of people and animals made of sweets and paste, not just snow, if their facial features are clearly sculpted,” Munajjid added. “This means that if the model has no head or the facial features are obliterated, then there is no ban on it."
Sounds like a blast.

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